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Sunset Bay hosts a wide array of luxurious rooms with scenic views. Located close to the Fort Kochi beach, the hotel offers you the opportunity to unwind and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the local culture and cuisine. Born and brought up in the heart of Kochi, our directors have grown up experiencing the essence that portrays an amalgamation of the present and the past through its historical architecture. As these experiences were shared with people globally, many were enthusiastic and ecstatic to experience it themselves. With the requests pouring in from many of their friends, the directors took matters into their own hands and decided to start the Sunset Bay. They built the hotel with their shared vision of showcasing this tranquil oasis of beauty in kerala.

Sunset Bay was built with the promise of presenting the rich and cultural experience offered by the Queen of the Arabian Sea. The land of Kochi is embedded with many historically and culturally rich locations that are quite close to the hotel. You can view the fishermen in action, spreading their nets for fishing on the promenade along the beach at the Vasco da Gamma square. You can enjoy the cool breeze in the evenings while sipping on fresh coconut water or exploring the delicious local seafood cuisine at the stalls. Visiting the princess street will transport you back to the olden days as you get to feast your eyes on the ancient British, French and Portuguese architectural styles. You can also enjoy 500-year-old architecture by visiting the numerous churches available at the location like the Santa Cruz Basilica and the St. Francis Church.

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Foodie Paradise

Delicious Kochi

The cuisine of Kochi is heavily influenced by its geographical location. Kochi is known for its coconuts, rice, and seafood. Traditional Indian spices such as mustard seeds, black pepper, cardamom, clove, tamarind, cinnamon, and asafoetida are used to enhance the flavours of Kochi cuisine, as it is the spice capital of India.


Beauty of Kochi

When you step into Fort Kochi, you will be quickly transported to another era. This location is immersed in the history and culture of everyone who has lived here over the centuries. Its origins and essence are distinct in their variety.